August 20th, 2010

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Welcome to PMBeat.com

Welcome to PMBeat.com – a blog dedicated to the growing field of performance marketing.  Through my posts I intend to share (and nurture) my perspective on performance marketing along with different aspects of the industry.

Having gotten involved with performance marketing when it first began utilizing the Internet, as well as now being the CEO of LeadPoint, one of the industry’s larger players, I believe I can provide valuable first-hand knowledge and a unique perspective.

My goal is that PMBeat.com will be different from performance marketing blogs currently available.  First, it will not be a “gossip” column of who is working where within the industry.  There are already a couple blogs that do this and do it quite well, such as LeadCritic.  Second, while I intend to cover industry activities and what is working and what is not working, this will be just one of many aspects that I write about.

How I intend to differentiate PMBeat.com from other blogs is by adding “opinions and thought leadership” not just from myself, but other industry experts as well.  I also intend to highlight the challenges, issues and opportunities which I haven’t found in many blogs.  Finally, I intend to cover performance marketing from a continuum perspective of where the industry has been and where it is headed.

I believe it will be quite informative and hope that you will enjoy the journey!

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